Week 41 of 2013, and get the lay of the music land: The hottest tracks from [what I hear them call] The Motherland. These ten tracks will keep rocking the airwaves and the interwebs all through this week. Look out for two new releases from the Kokomaster, as well as a Kenyan band that’s breaking onto the scene after bubbling under for too long a while.

Grab your headphones:

10. Webi – Gonna be alright

Four years since we last heard from him, I receive a call from this good chap: “Olang’, I’m shooting a video for my new track! I’ll give you a heads-up when it’s all done!”

This was the result: A feel-good track for any season.

Jaaz Odongo, well in on production.

9. Just-A-Band – Dunia ina mambo

“It’s electrifying!”

That was Octopizzo’s response to what it felt like performing at Safaricom Live in Meru: Thousands upon thousands of people chanting his name and rapping along to every single line in his tracks.

Only higher for Octo.

I’ll admit: I have mixed feelings about his latest project, “Nini!!” But more on that another time.

8. Majirani, Kenrazy, V-Sita – Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga

When DNA ‘decamped’ to GrandPa Records, I wondered whether that was a bad move. Months later, he’s never done better for himself.

Meanwhile, the GrandPa empire grows, with artistes being placed in prime position to take advantage of our Kenyan hunger for entertainment.

Refigah: Respect.

7. P-Square – Personally

A brilliant nod to Michael, this one: The Okoye twins once again struck gold with their trademark fast-paced feel.

Impressively, they cast a female dance who absolutely reminds me of Michael – from moves to facial structure.

6. D’Banj – Finally

Here’s one of the new ones that I mentioned earlier: Looks like the Kokomaster is looking to pick up the momentum after an eerie silence.

The energy in this track builds up brilliantly- ┬áif anything, it’s a perfect workout track. Just the thought of dancing along to it burns the fat around my midsection.

“Oya bend your knees, oya follow your nose…”

Yeah, the thought of such a workout is workout enough for me, thank you.

5. Just-A-Band & Tumi – Huff + Puff (Coke Studio Africa)

Oy! Coca-Cola, gold star! Coke Studio Africa is a long-overdue prospect.

I was scared about this one: I mean, JAB’s breed of music is beautifully unique. I’d skin anyone that messed up any one of their tracks, especially on a live performance.

Yet, this was superbly executed.

And the manner in which Tumi blended into the set… Top notch.

Gold star.

4. Juliani – Utawala

There are songs that act as secondary ‘national anthems’, and they only come to twice once every decade. Eric Wainaina did it with [the shockingly daring] “Nchi ya kitu kidogo”. Good old Eric did it again in the mid-noughties [yes, that’s actually a word] with “Daima Mkenya”.

This one by Juliani is the first of this decade. His lyrics resonate across the country: Most are the “ho-he ha-he” he speaks of; the rest wonder, “There are people who don’t have oil?”

My 4 year old nephew sings along to this track as though he wrote it. Rock on, little dude.

3. Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru – Khona

First: I love how unashamedly showy South Africans are of their ethnic heritage. Love it.

Second: I live for the 2.30 mark. LIVE. FOR. IT.

That will be all.

2. Elani – Jana Usiku

If you don’t leave this video with a slight crush and/or an urge to party, there’s a problem with your feelings centre. Go have it checked.

This is the second of the new tracks I have for you – and boy, can’t these ones sing!

They are working on releasing their debut album, and they released this simply to give us a taste of what to expect.

Damn. Now I feel like a night out.

1. Mi Casa – Jika

The SAMA award-winning South African group released this one two months ago, and it’s been flying their flag oh-so-high since then. I have to admit: The old man’s got style.

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